Are you the type of person who enjoys making New Year’s resolutions? For a long time, I didn’t like the annual resolution push. What’s more depressing than setting yourself up for failure once a year? But resolutions can be helpful. Successful people learn to set goals, push to accomplish them and become a better version of themselves.

Here are a few resolutions you might consider making in 2017 to grow and improve as an individual and a follower of Christ.

1. Read A Proverb A Day

There is no substitute for biblical wisdom. Learn a little every day from the wisest person who ever lived (except for Jesus, of course).

2. Savor Good Food

So many people go on strict diets at the beginning of each year. While these can be helpful, it’s also important to learn to slow down and enjoy the food you do eat. Have a little chocolate and eat it slowly.

3. Organize Your Internet Consumption

I use to keep up with almost 50 of my favorite blogs and websites. This helps me keep up with my interests and be well-informed for my job. Feedly saves me hours every week and helps to reduce wasted time spent online.

4. Go On More Walks

Find a few favorite places to walk and schedule regular times to get outside. Walking is a good way to clear your mind or listen to a good audiobook.

5. Learn To Use A Crock-Pot

The slow cooker is one of the greatest cooking tools known to man. Get in the habit of throwing a bunch of ingredients in before work and coming home to a delicious, home-cooked meal. The leftovers make for a great lunch the next day.

6. Listen To Classical Music

Classical music has long been known for its ability to improve IQ and boost creativity.

7. Make A Habit Of Reviewing Your Finances

At least once a month, sit down and review your finances. Be honest about where you are and where you can improve.

8. Aggressively Attack Debt

The more aggressively and quicker you pay debt down, the more money you’ll save yourself in the long run. You might also consider making a visual progress chart to boost your motivation.

9. Always Thank God Before You Eat

Food is a good gift from God. Make it a habit to thank God before eating.

10. Network

Have lunch or coffee with someone who can sharpen you and vice versa.

11. Encourage At Least Five People On Facebook Every Day

Use social media to bless other people. Don’t flatter, but praise and encourage your Facebook friends with sincerity from the heart.

12. Cultivate New Friendships

The older (and busier) you get, the more you’ll have to work to make time to cultivate friendships. Make this a priority.

13. Floss

My dentist says this one is important.

14. Tidy Up

The world has too many messy people. Your future spouse will thank you for learning to be clean.

15. Start A Gratitude Journal

Regularly list (and date) all the things you are thankful for in a journal. Someday your grandchildren will enjoy reading them.

16. Read More

Reading can be entertaining and informative, and it helps to sharpen your mind. Believe it or not, I actually read 50 books last year!

17. Spend Time With Old People

God-fearing folks who have lived long, full lives have a wisdom you can’t find anywhere else.

18. Recruit A Mentor

Always be on the lookout for people that might be a mentor to you. Most people who achieve great things have great mentors guiding them. Surround yourself with great people.

19. Give 1% More To The Poor

Most of us can afford to give a little more to the poor. Be strategic and give to an organization doing great things to serve those with the greatest needs.

20. Organize Your Prayer Life

Make a list of all the people you want to pray for in a given week or month and make your own personalized prayer calendar.

21. Learn Something New

If you could become the world’s foremost expert in any topic, what would you choose? Well, what are you waiting for? Start studying it on your own.

Resolutions can be great ways to calibrate your life. It’s wise to ease into them. No one could or should do all of these. Instead, pick a few and work at them. If you fail, keep going. Perseverance is not the absence of failure, but the ability to pick yourself up after failing and continuing on. What resolutions do you plan to work on this year?

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