God is present and working on ChristianMingle. I’ve made several friends on the Bible Study and Theology message boards, and I am very grateful.

I never believed in “soul mates”. I always just looked at it from a human perspective and thought God just let us pick someone and that was that.


It happened quick and obvious. God had his fingerprints all over this one. She smiled at me way back in April, then again a month later in May. I would visit her profile often and each time she seemed more attractive and more on fire to serve the Lord and find His plan for her. I followed her changes occasionally on her profile and she became even more like everything I had ever imagined and dreamed of.

But I resisted, just like Jonah, and I denied the obvious. God was pointing right at her, but I ran the opposite direction. I needed to be sure.

And then the God signs started appearing. Things she would say, common interests, her going on the mission field and her picture constantly appearing as a “match” by Mingle. So I finally answered her smiles from months earlier. NO RESPONSE. Ya, that’s what I thought, I waited too long and now she isn’t interested.

But she was in Mexico serving the Lord, this amazing, spirit filled woman of God. And then the tapestry began to come together as only God could weave.

She answered ! An electric shock hit me like lightning!

We began to trade letters, learning about each other and what we were searching for. Then the phone calls that lasted sometimes nearly 7 hours. We clicked, We were lost in time — in eternity.

She invited me to church and the morning I left on the 100 mile journey, a perfect double rainbow formed as I was getting on the interstate. Yes, I have a picture! Signs and wonders beyond belief began to fall into place right before our eyes. God literally showed us that we were meant to be together and serve him.

We don’t know what God has in store for us in the future, but we do know that we were meant to be together to serve Him to reach others with the good news of Jesus. We are His, and we will follow where He leads.

We have fallen in love beyond any feelings we could possibly imagine on this earth. It is amazing. God found my perfect match, my “Soul Mate”.

She asked me “how I know I love her”?

Because her beauty stops my heart and I am lost in time when I am with her. I would swim the sea or fight in fierce battle to save her and keep her free. She is the woman God has chosen for me to serve with for Him, she surpasses all my hopes and dreams, and I will love her for all eternity. And I will tell the whole world now…..

Paula – I love you with all my heart, soul and strength. You are God’s choice for me, and you have made me the happiest man alive.

Thank you Lord and Christian Mingle. Our Wedding Day is New Years Day, 1/1/2010.

From somewhere over the rainbow,

Lee1611 — Christian

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