Paul and I met on ChristianMingle on March 21, 2013.  I replied to his email with a smile.  He emailed me back, but I wasn’t a subscriber, so I decided to pay for a membership as I was so curious to read his email.  I was so surprised when I read his lengthy, detailed email.  It was so full of sincerity and realness!  He spoke so well of his wife, who had died, and expressed himself so well.  I particularly loved the fact that he related to my profile, where I expressed my full love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  That was the most important thing for both of us. I replied back immediately, and we soon had a lunch date set-up to meet at Perkins restaurant on March 23rd. When I walked into Perkins and saw Paul standing there, I knew instantly that he was “the one.”  I had never experienced that.  We talked, drank coffee, had a meal, and talked some more.  Soon, three hours had passed, and the servers had even changed shifts.

What confirmed to me that God was in all of this was when Paul told me his pastor’s name from Arizona.  His pastor happens to be from my hometown in Minnesota, and was a grade ahead of me in high school.  The pastor’s wife was my classmate.  Wow!  We both knew that this was from the Lord.

The next day, on March 24th, Paul came over to my house to meet my pets; Molly, a purebred Jack Russell Terrier and Charlie, a Lovebird Parrot.  While at my house, he called his pastor in Arizona and put me on the phone.  Pastor John told me what a great guy Paul was, and that he’d known Paul since the mid 80’s.

The rest is history.  We’ve been inseparable ever since. We got engaged on May 27, 2013. Our wedding date was set for October 26, 2013. However, on July 17th, Paul had a mild stroke.  The doctors said he could not live alone. We wanted to honor God, so we got married legally with just a few people in attendance at my home (which is now our home) on August 6, 2013. We had our wedding celebration on October 26, 2013 with about 100 people in attendance.

We are so blessed to have met on ChristianMingle.  We are two “Ps” in a pod….Paul and Patricia.  Thank you so much for bringing us together, ChristianMingle.

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