I had been on ChristianMingle a couple of years ago and then had inactivated my profile. Last May I felt a strong urge to reactivate, since I was praying for a husband I felt maybe God was prompting me to try ChristianMingle again. Just a few days after I reactivated, Ewald, my husband, smiled at me. At first I thought he was not a very good match for me, even though ChristianMingle rated us at a 100% match. But, I decided to smile back and then when he wrote I replied. He seemed to be very sweet, but he lived a long ways away and long distance relationships can be difficult.

Just a few weeks later, I had to travel to a city very near where he lived for my daughters Law school convocation. Again, I felt a strong prompting, this time to invite him for a coffee. To my surprise he readily accepted. We met at a coffee shop a few days later, and as soon as he walked in I knew he was someone special. What was supposed to be a 1/2 hour coffee turned into 2 and 1/2 hrs of pure communication.

lefluer & Ewald

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