Christmas is fast approaching, but while most of us are fortunate enough to find presents under our Christmas tree, many folks around the world are scrambling each day just to find water, food, education and shelter. Through’s “Operation Appreciation” campaign, we’re focusing on six Christian organizations that work tirelessly to spread God’s spiritual and physical provisions to meet the needs of His children. The six charities that are being featured the last two weeks of this year include Hope International, Joni and Friends, The Salvation Army, The Seed Company, Living Water and World Vision.

Joni and Friends’ Wheels for the World will be featured today as the second Christian charity of six that will be explored during Operation Appreciation.

What Joni and Friends’ Wheels for the World Provides

This well-established Christian organization provides a free wheelchair, along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to children and adults affected by disabilities worldwide.

Since 1994, the Wheels for the World ministry has been presenting the Gospel by delivering wheelchairs and Bibles in developing countries. But Wheels for the World is not simply about “dropping off a wheelchair.” It’s about changing the hearts, minds and lives of people. It’s about transforming societies, village by village, person by person.

Wheels for the World shares the love of Jesus Christ, extended through the gift of mobility, bringing hope, joy and salvation to children and adults with disabilities around the world.

Lives Changed

When little Amee was born with spina bifida, her mother abandoned her. In Thailand, the burden and stigma of disability is great. Her father left her on the side of the road while he scratched out a living as a farmer.

But Amee was rescued by associates of Joni and Friends who brought her to the outreach in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There she was fit with a pink pediatric wheelchair. Amee’s giggles and joy at her new legs is a living example of what love and support can accomplish through Wheels of the World.

Leaders at Joni and Friends

The staff of Joni and Friends see miracles every day. Take Rita from Ghana. Disabled by Polio as an infant, Rita used to crawl to school to get an education. She refused to see herself as an outcast, but saw herself through the lens of God. From the words of Joni and Friends, “With every prayer you pray and every gift you give, you are saying yes to God’s beautiful plan for disabled people of all ages just like Rita.”

Donating to Joni and Friends

This Christmas, you can give a financial donation in someone’s name to Joni and Friends. Just click here

Volunteering at Joni and Friends

Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions is to donate time. Joni and Friends has opportunities throughout the United States and the world for you to volunteer your services. 

Whether it’s working within your church and community to spread Joni’s message, handing out wheelchairs, offering medical skills, doing a family retreat and more, there is no end to how your gift from God can serve others through Joni’s ministry. Please consider checking it out here.

Don’t forget to bookmark our main Operation Appreciation page  which has more information on our campaign and the other five charitable organizations.

As mentioned above, there will be four more organizations listed throughout the rest of December. Check out our first organization, HOPE International. Stay tuned to see how you can help!


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