Christmas is just about here. While so many of us are fortunate enough to find presents under our Christmas tree, many folks around the world are scrambling each day just to find water, food, education, shelter and hope. Through’s campaign, “Operation Appreciation,” we’re focusing on six Christian organizations that work tirelessly to physically and spiritually spread God’s provision to meet the needs of His children.

Today, we’re focusing on The Seed Company, a firmly rooted Christian organization striving to serve God and His kingdom by getting the Word of God to those with limited access and provisions.

What The Seed Company Provides

The Seed Company is a Christian-based organization that has a mission to complete Bible translations in the heart languages of people without God’s Word.

Partnerships are an integral part of The Seed Company’s vision linking individuals, groups and organizations to national Bible translation projects. There are nearly 2,000 languages that need a Bible translation, representing almost 209 million people.

More than just numbers, these are individual people without access to life-giving, living-changing hope and power of God’s Word. While these impoverished people desperately need food in their mouths, they also need the Word of God on their lips and in their hearts to encourage them.

Lives Changed

This video highlights just one example of how The Seed Company changes lives. In it, you’ll meet a man who was once flogged and jailed for his faith. Later, in the very field where he was persecuted, he was miraculously able to watch thousands of his people receive new Bibles. That’s the power of Christ at work! 

Donating to The Seed Company

Perhaps you’re part of an organization looking for a partnership? Partnerships are an integral part of The Seed Company vision. Linking individuals, groups and organizations to national Bible translation projects, the Seed Company creates partnerships with a purpose.

Christians around the world can share in giving God’s Word to those who have never had any portion of it in their own language. According to the organization, “It’s really a partnership with God’s eternal purposes.”

You are welcome to donate money as an individual as well. No amount is too small.

Volunteering through Prayer

Along with donations and partnership, prayer is at the top of the list for this company. While they always welcome organic prayers, they have also set out a specific process for praying for them. If you would like to be part of their prayer warrior team, check out the requirements here.

Don’t forget to bookmark the main Operation Appreciation page  which has more information on our campaign.

As mentioned above, there will be two more organizations listed throughout the rest of December. Check out our previous organizations, HOPE International, Wheels for the Word – Joni and Friends and the Salvation Army.  You’ll find articles highlighting each of these organizations on the Operation Appreciation general info page at the link given above.

Stay tuned to see more ways you can help!

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