At just $35, Chromecast is an inexpensive yet small and powerful USB device that connects your television to the cloud. Once installed, you can use your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device as a remote control for your television. 

Connect the Chromecast USB into an unused port on your television, set up Chromecast from any device and begin streaming your favorite movies, music, and videos directly to your television. Chromecast is as fast as your internet connect, and works with Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Google Play Movies and Music mobile apps, internet enabled channels like AMC, NBC and CBS,  and other video applications. Chromecast also works with Chrome browser, allowing you to search and stream content directly to the big screen. 

Chromecast as an Education Tool

Streaming content directly to the large screen is a great learning tool. Students and adults can view tutorials and how-to videos without squinting. Using your device as a remote control, you can pause and replay, and the hands-free viewing allows you to take notes. Homeschoolers can stream lessons and teaching aids, college and high school students can participate in-group learning and tutoring, and parents can monitor kids’ attention and progress.

Tech Terms to Should Know

There are a few new terms you will need to know when working with Chromecast. Chromecast is called a dongle: a small device that plugs into a computer or television. The dongle acts as an adapter to the use of certain software. This little dongle will have a big impact on how your family interacts.

Casting with Chromecast means using your device to choose the object. To cast, you will choose the cast button in the Chrome toolbar  of your browser and a list of devices will appear on your TV. You pick the devise you are using, and the object is “cast” onto your television screen.

Installing Chromecast

Chromecast is simple to install by plugging it into an empty USB port on your television and then connecting the dongle to your home network. The connection and set up can easily be done using your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Once it is connected, users can view anything from the internet directly on the large screen.

Chromecast setup process:

Plug Chromecast into your television

Set up Chromecast

You can set up your Chromecast in a snap using an Android or iOS phone or tablet or a Mac, Windows or Chromebook Pixel computer. You only need to set up your Chromecast once – you can cast from additional supported devices without having to set up Chromecast again. Before you begin the setup process, make sure you are connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi network

Set up Chromecast from any of these devices:

Chromecast Router Compatibility

Once you try Chromecast, the possibilities are endless. The large screen can be used for group bible studies, book clubs, teaching kids to read, and so much more.

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