If I could give one piece of advice to leaders who want long-term success it would be this:

Learn the people.

I know. It sounds too simple, but until you learn how the people you are trying to lead think, what the people value, the differences among the people, how situations impact the people, and the way the people are likely to respond to situations…you can’t lead them successfully.

Learn people and you can successfully lead people.

Try it. It will work in any setting. In the church. In business. In the home.

New to a church or organization? This is your key to beginning well.

Long-timer in a church or organization? This is what will improve your leadership. Make it last.

Of course, you’ll have to respond according to what you’re learning, but this is where you start. This is what gives you the tools you need. This is what can help shape your leadership. This is the gold information of leading people.

Learn the people and you can learn how to lead people.

How are you learning the people you are attempting to lead?

What advice would you give to leaders who want long-term success?

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