One of the most important ingredients in a growing, life-changing church is … Audacious Faith!

Audacious steps of faith are not steps that we can somehow formulate a strategy to accomplish. They are not steps of faith that are comfortable or safe. We are talking the kind that require a supernatural work of God to bring us through and prove we are not crazy! They are the things, that when God says to step out in faith, we wonder if we will survive!

I think we often forget that our steps of faith may require a large portion of our lives to accomplish. Noah had to be diligent, faithful and bold for 100 years before He saw God’s ultimate plan behind his steps of faith! 

Ask yourself this: What if God asked you to do something that would take your entire lifetime, seem crazy to everyone around you and cost you everything? Would you do it?


Here’s the roadblock to growth for most churches: Too often we set our goals too low and try to accomplish them too quickly!

Antidote: Set audacious, faith and vision based goals for your life and ministry, and then spend the rest of your life working towards them!

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