Are you tired of hiding behind a mask of who you really are?

Stop exchanging the lies for truth

Note: Who you really are is NOT the lies you tell yourself. To say it more bluntly, you are not a “loser.” You are not “without hope.” You are not a “cheater” or that “sinner who had an abortion.”

No, you are who you are in the truth of God.




I get so many emails from you folk, pouring out your struggles. I have prayed for you and my heart has hurt for you at times. But as much as I pray for you, it’s up to YOU to get help. YOU need to pray. See a pastor! Join a group. Consider counseling. Anything to get you on the path of self-love – self-love that can only come from knowing, deep in your spirit, that God loved you first.

Check out Bethke’s video where he shows you how important it is to take away your mask (which is just much of a lie as what you think your truth is) and informs you about how to live in the freedom of being yourself.

Hint: Doing this requires work. It’s painful. But man, can you see the flowers blooming after the headache of the planting? It’s going to be glorious, folk!

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