Quck Note from Andrea: I have had the pleasure of working with Casimir on at least half a dozen film reviews for Believe.com. She was sharp, elegant, and always together. When I finally asked her to lunch, I quickly found out that she was Christian, career driven and totally BEAUTIFUL inside and out. The writer in me went off. I had to find out the secrets to her success to share with you. I hope you’re as inspired by the result as I am!

Questions for Casimir

1. Why did you decide to go into publicity?

I’ve been a talker and connector for as long as I can remember.  As a child I was always talking.  I remember my 2nd grade teacher writing in my report card, “she is a very good student but often talks to others after finishing her work.”  It was pretty evident early on that a career speaking to others or on behalf of others was going to be my “meal ticket”.  Initially I pursued a career in broadcasting but a college internship with NBA team the Denver Nuggets changed all that.  I loved the relationship building, image building and maintaining and of course the Chatty Cathy requirement.

2. Have you ever considered a more “stable” job with less hussle?

Surprisingly no.  I have always appreciated and loved the hustle and bustle of the business.   If I’m not hustling for media placements, booking client interviews, manning bicoastal press junkets or press conferences, shuffling from one industry event to the next, I don’t feel like I’m working.

3. Do you find men are intimidated by strong women? If so, why?

I do feel there are some men who seem to be a bit overwhelmed by a woman making her own way in the world.  Whether she is a waitress or V.P. of a major corporation, there is something about a woman’s strength that can be downright debilitating.  If a woman is strong and independent she can be viewed as aggressive, overly opinionated, hard to get along with or quarrelsome.  But a woman’s strength is actually indicative of quite the opposite.  Survival, empathy, perseverance, intellectual sophistication, intuitiveness and rationality.  These are qualities that are highly sought after by men seeking quality relationships but can be quite intimidating once found.  It can be easier to categorize a woman as difficult and non approachable than to actually explore what makes a strong woman’s inner core tick. 

4. How has your faith defined your career life?

As a Christian woman I always depend on the Lord to light my pathway when it comes to any and every step I make in life and that is inclusive of my career.  As a 10 year P.R. vet, I have worked in many different genres of the business (entertainment, sports, politics, non profit and corporate) but when I was given the opportunity to work in faith-based entertainment P.R., I consulted The Lord and prayed mightily about the step I was considering.  P.R. can be complicated, tiring and stressful; 3 descriptors I never want to be associated with my spiritual life.  But through prayer and faith, The Lord assured me that a move in this direction would not only be rewarding but an opportunity to use my career to minister to others without preaching and an opportunity to use my career as a ministry within itself.  This move in my career solidified that I am living and walking within my God given purpose. 

5. How as your faith defined your dating life?

Dating as a committed Christian can be quite cumbersome.  Some would say its downright impossible in this day and age and while I am far from perfect, I find the Christian dating experience to be at times complicated and disappointing but doable.  The truth however is that all dating (regardless of faith or lack thereof) is somewhat disappointing.  Someone likes someone but the feelings aren’t mutual or reciprocated.  However the difference in dating as a Christian requires one to set boundaries from the beginning that aren’t always prevalent in non Christian dating relationships.  For example pre-marital physical contact.  This topic can be difficult to navigate as some people bend one way or another in fear that the other person won’t be accepting and will move on.  But truth be told, they may move on anyway as dating is not a guarantee  of a life long partnership.  With that in mind, I stay true to myself and my commitment to the commandments of The Lord.  When the right partner comes along the Lord will lead me straight to him and I will not have to compromise my spirituality or self respect in order to have a successful relationship.

6. What’s the best part about being a single, beautiful woman in a high profile field?

I think opportunity is the best part of it all.  As a single woman in this industry, I’ve been afforded many opportunities to go any and everywhere without the need or obligation of consulting with a husband or children before making life altering career moves.  However, I am looking forward to making those familial additions to my life and continuing in the advancement of my career.  I believe that if God is first a woman can have it all.

7. What tips do you have for other women considering following their dreams?

Keep God first and foremost above all else and stay true to your desires, convictions and goals.  Don’t give up.  There will be challenges but as long as you couple hard work with faith and hope, you can’t fail.

8. What have you learned from mistakes?

What haven’t I learned (laughs)?  I’ve learned to be patient and that impatience is a tactic of the enemy to distract us from our divine purpose.  The biggest mistake I’ve made with regard to impatience has been attempting to find the right man all on my own.  No matter how much you push, squeeze or force; if God isn’t in it or doesn’t approve it isn’t going to work.  I’ve learned to do as David instructed in Psalms: Wait on The Lord and be of good courage.

I’ve learned the value of humility and non egocentrism.  It’s very easy to become side tracked and develop a sense of entitlement in this industry.  If you stay humble good things and recognition will come without prodding or provocation.  Self contained humility also keeps The Lord from having to teach us humility lessons.  When The Lord teaches us about humility, humble pie is a little less appetizing than had we learned it without “intervention”.

9. What is your ideal mate and why?

He is committed to The Lord as I am – not perfect, just committed.  He is striving to live his life in a way that ministers to others without having to preach, yell, scream and shout.  He is ready for a mature and committed relationship with a desire to have a family and the spiritual, emotional and financial ability to provide for that family.

These are important attributes that call for a mature man of God which is the hallmark of a truly stable and healthy God centered relationship paired with a like minded woman of God.

Hey, that’s some darn good advice. Want more? Check out the info below.

More on Casimir

Casimir ‘Cas’ Spencer is a 10-year public relations veteran who has made a name for herself as a top notch entertainment, sports (NBA, MLS, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball) and political  publicist. Spencer is the former spokeswoman for the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office in Aurora, Colorado as well as the former chief public information representative  for the 2012 Aurora Theater Shooting Massacre.  A Los Angeles native, this 31-year-old quick-witted, sophisticated Christian lady is currently the resident digital publicist for faith-based Film Publicity and Advertising firm, Grace Hill Media. Spencer also manages individual clientele in the entertainment and sports industries as a private pr consultant.

Contact Casimir
Casimir.spencer@gmail.com or via social media: Twitter: @mzcas / LinkedIn.com/in/casspencer 






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