Another New Year’s Eve passed without having a special someone to share it with.  I was 24, living in my parents’ basement after graduating college two years prior.  I decided to try ChristianMingle after a friend encouraged me to do so.  I was new to the world of online dating and a bit skeptical of the whole idea as I feared it would just be another letdown, but boy was I wrong!

I completed the COMPASS Test to find out who I was compatible with and sent “smiles” to a few bachelors who caught my eye.  Bill, who is now my fiancé, lived thirty minutes away and was one of the members I sent a “smile” to. 

Bill’s dad had handed him a slip of paper with the ChristianMingle website on it, after seeing one of their commercials.  His dad did not know, but Bill signed up for ChristianMingle that same January.  Bill had a very thorough profile filled with his interests and hobbies.  He later shared with me that it would’ve been helpful if I had a more completed profile, but my free-spirit attitude and his attention to detail work beautifully together to balance our relationship.  Bill and I were 99% compatible.  The one percent difference was due to the fact that we were raised in different church denominations. 

We began talking on the phone and eventually went on our first date.  We met at a Mexican restaurant and had a blast.  Afterwards, we agreed to go on another date.  Several dates later, we were still figuring out the challenge of being raised in different church denominations.  We went to each other’s churches until we attended a non-denominational church that felt like “home” for both of us.  We dated for two and a half years and are now engaged, hoping to “set the date” for a wedding next fall! 

We both enjoyed our experience on ChristianMingle so much that we wanted to share our story.  We were both searching for a Christian partner, but had not been able to find that person on our own.  We believe God hand-picked us to be together and used ChristianMingle to complete His plan. 

Our advice to others is to pray for the partner that God has planned for you, be open and willing to date, and also let a friend or family member know that you are dating online.  We are so excited to start our life together and believe that others can find love on ChristianMingle, just as we have!

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