There are a number of ways people choose to commune with their spirituality beyond simply going to their local church. While devotionals, Christian music, gospels and fellowship gatherings with friends and family can help to support your church sermons, partaking in an actual bible study can be a great way to complement and complete the teachings in your local church.
The ministry of Community Bible Study (CBS) once started as a small group of people who wanted to partake in a bible study in the Washington, D.C. area. It has since grown to encompass churches throughout the nation. Community Bible Study classes are held in differing churches throughout the nation. The churches act as a host to the classes and are in no way competition to its ministry. CBS’s webpage states, “It is our goal to encourage class members to belong to and actively support their local churches and to be servants and leaders in their congregations.”

Steven Appel, Director of Communications for Community Bible Study, gives some insight into why this is a worthwhile organization.

SaraWhy did you decide to be part of this organization?

Steven: I am humbled that we at CBS are entrusted to get God’s actual Word out into people’s hands. God does the rest. We at CBS, are servants and desire for people to have a deeper relationship with Christ and to continuously grow in Christ. Personally, I feel Community Bible Study is America’s best kept secret and I hope to change that. As Director of Communications, I use both traditional and new media to get the word out that CBS has been around for 40 years and is a great place to get plugged in with other believers.

SaraWhy is it helpful to use a bible study program such as CBS?

With over 700 Community Bible Study classes across the United States, chances are you can find a class near you. Just type in and you are clicks away from finding your class. CBS is unique in that we provide an in-depth bible study, book by book, typically 30 weeks. We as well do not focus on any denominational distinctions, but ONLY what the Bible clearly states. We focus on Jesus Christ and leave politics and dogma behind. So whether you are Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Methodist, etc., or even a non-believer, you are most welcomed to attend. Many of our classes provide child care and/or a Children’s Ministry. We are currently working on having our curriculum digitally available for mobile devices, and provide classes for all ages from children, teens to adults.

SaraHow do you think bible study influences and supports an individual, spiritually?

Steven: Community Bible Study supports individuals, families and communities by offering not only the Word of God, but by providing this in a safe environment, where personal transformation can take place. You will walk away with a much richer and deeper understanding of God, His greatness, His sacrifice, His mercy, and His all-consuming love for you. You will not leave a CBS class the way you came in, and always for the better. Some will develop new friends, some will experience God in a new way, but all will be drawn closer in their walk with Jesus Christ.
More about CBS
Some can tend to feel intimidated by taking a formal Bible Study class, whether it’s the nerves involved in speaking in front of others or the shyness that can arise from meeting new people. However, because Community Bible Study isn’t actually an academic seminary class, no one is forced to speak and no one is graded in how well they have done their homework. The goal of the class is to help draw closer in the relationship with Jesus, commune with others through faith, and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. Because the classes are open to all, without a level of teaching in mind, participants can seek to acquire a deeper understanding of their faith; whether it’s an individual new to a Bible Study environment or a highly devout Christian who regularly attends classes year-after-year.

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