I (kelpiesrule) joined ChristianMingle in the summer of 2009.  After a month of endlessly browsing through profiles, I discovered the Message Boards where I spent the majority of my time while logged into ChristianMingle.  I attended several Mingles and met countless “Boardies” that I had gotten to know in 2D.  If it wasn’t for the Christian fellowship on the Boards (mainly the Relationships & Dating Board), I would have left the site. 

Then, earlier this year, Mike (Mikej1934), a relatively local guy looked at my profile. I looked at his.  He sent me an email which said, “I know you have seen my profile, but have another look, then we can talk.” Although his profile wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, I did email him back, and an online friendship began to bloom.  I soon found myself looking forward to reading correspondence from him shortly after arriving home from work. 

Mike was eager to meet me, but being a true gentleman, let me decide when I felt comfortable enough to do so.  Our first date almost didn’t happen due to my having to reschedule because of the funeral for a close friend’s father (no, not cold feet, but for real).  We bumped up the day of our first date, and our meeting over coffee turned into a walk, then a bite to eat, followed by a movie.  I guess it is fair to say neither one of us wanted our time together to end.  From that point on, when we couldn’t see each other in person, mainly due to work schedules, we spent a few hours each day conversing online or over the phone.

Mike and I can both see the Lord’s hand over our meeting and other aspects of our lives prior to guiding us to each other.  We were married a few weeks ago, and among the guests were several close friends I met on ChristianMingle from the US, Canada, and Australia. 

In closing, I would like to say my ChristianMingle Success Story not only includes my husband and I meeting here, but also my Best Friend/Maid of Honor (WarriorfortheKing) from half a world away!  Thank you ChristianMingle, and thank you most of all to the Lord, the author of it all.

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