Mother’s Day is a celebration! We love ALL things mom right? Why wouldn’t we? Moms are heroines. Most moms don’t do it because they have to. They do it because there is no sweeter joy on the planet than that of a being a mom. They do it because it is a calling and this new found love that only exists after becoming a mom fuels everything they do.

For the single mom, Mother’s Day is a day where she often feels more inadequate than ever. She is reminded that there is no one there to help her celebrate and her children probably don’t know how to make this day a special one. She remembers that she is weary and carrys some very heavy burdens alone! She wants the world to know that she really wouldn’t choose to do it alone. No one would, would they? She just wants a healthy, well rounded and stable life for her family. She is just like every other mom only with no one to lean on. Now don’t get me wrong, many single moms do ok, but we were not designed to do it alone so it is inevitable that they are going to feel burdened at some point.


Motherhood is a choice that we make every single day to put others needs before our own but for the single mom it is an infinitely harder choice. Not because she loves her children less than you do. Not because she wants any less for her kids than greatness but because she is tired. It’s that simple. She is EVERYTHING to her family and she is exhausted! There is no dad to step in when she desperately needs to tag out.

We all know a single mom or at least know of one. How can we not when they represent 50% of our population? Will you consider doing something special for that single mama you know? What about for that one you don’t know personally but you know of her?

I bet you will be blessed even more than she is if you give it a shot!

I remember when I was a single mom, a young woman named Katie would come to the office with her toddler son dressed in a tuxedo. She would deliver to all the single moms she knew a simple rose. It was the only time that I remember someone else thinking of me and how I must feel on what should be a memorable day for all moms. That simple act of kindness for that moment made me feel more valued and treasured than any other time during my single parenting years. Imagine for a moment no one ever thinking of you or giving you something special. Imagine feeling completely alone without anyone to help figure things out with? That is the life of so many single moms. Will you change that for them?

Need some help deciding what you can do?

• leave a flower on her doorstep or desk with a note that says “you are treasured”

• ask her if you can watch her children while she goes to a movie that you pay for

• mow her lawn for her

• if you know her kids, have them make something special for her

• invite her to join you and your family on Mother’s Day

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