I joined ChristianMingle because my mom told me that 1 in 5 couples get married that meet online these days. I found a cute guy that I sent a message to, plus he also lives near some of my family, so I knew the area he was from. We talked online for a while then he called me and we talked for hours. We decided to meet up at a waterpark near him. So it was in our bathing suits the first time we ever saw each other in person. For 5 months, we visited one other on the weekends. I also went to Florida with him for 2 weeks to meet his family. It was amazing!

On November 5, 2010, I went out to get ice cream with my friends. They gave me the reason of “It will help pass time while you wait for him to get here”. He was supposed to leave after school and be here about 7:00. Little did I know, he was here when I left to go get ice cream and they were all in the plans. We got back to the house and there was a banner that said “Follow the tulips”. I asked them if I had to get out and they said, “I guess so”. I followed the real tulips that were flown in from Washington and he was at the end of the trail waiting for me. He drove hours to propose and all of my friends got to see it! Now we are picking out a date for next summer or fall.

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