I never Mirka&Marek2believed in online dating. I was single and my 84-year-old boss kept telling me to join ChristianMingle and I kept saying, “No, No, No!” Until one day, I finally gave in and I joined. She helped me pick out my pictures and she told me what to write in my bio. I kept complaining about paying for something I didn’t believe would work. I never thought that spending money on that membership would bring me so much happiness and would give me everything I wanted my whole life.

Within two weeks of joining, I noticed a guy checking out my profile so I checked out his, too. That was happening every day for few days. Finally, we started talking to each other and within a few days we exchanged our phone numbers. We agreed to have a first date two weeks later on Friday, May 24th. Well, on Monday, May 20th, I was in his area food shopping. I put my phone in my shopping basket and I still don’t understand how, but I dialed his number without knowing. He picked up but my phone was in my basket so I didn’t hear him talking. So he hung up. Somehow, his phone called back my number and I noticed so I picked up, but he didn’t have his phone. When he noticed what was happening, he called again and we started talking. I told him I was in his town, so we agreed to meet up in the parking lot for 10 minutes. We are both shy but when he showed up, we couldn’t stop talking. We stood there for over five hours talking. They already closed the store and we were still there. We felt like we had known each other forever.

After tMirka&Marek01.1hat day, we saw each other every single day. On Thanksgiving that year, we got engaged and on December 23rd, we got married in the city hall. Last October 14th, we welcomed our daughter into this world. This coming June 25th, we are having a big church wedding and christening for our baby girl.

We were both born in Eastern Europe. We even lived across the street from each other back in 2006; we were neighbors but we never met. After I moved, I was in his neighborhood very often but we still never met until ChristianMingle. It gave us a very good life, a beautiful family and everything we ever wanted.

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