Our story began when Keith sent me a message through ChristianMingle.  Right away, Keith told me about his faith and his two young children.  I responded to Keith and told him about my own two teenagers.  We shared how extremely important both our children were to us and how we were seeking a God-centered relationship.

As we continued to talk, our relationship grew and we met for the very first time on November 11th, which was also Keith’s birthday. We decided to take things slow.  We both had hesitation because we were both hurt in the past. With faith and prayer, we continued to see and get to know each other.

We spent that New Year’s Eve together and, although it wasn’t our first kiss it was the beginning of our beautiful love story. After that, he gave me a ‘going steady ring,’ and I thought it was so romantic!  As we got to know each other more, we felt the Holy Spirit draw us closer together. Keith proposed to me in March of 2013 and we got married June 22nd, 2013! All of our children were a part of the wedding and it was a beautiful ceremony filled with the Holy Spirit.  We said our vows and hope to carry our promises to each other through the end of our lives and beyond. Our Lord is first in our marriage and the center of our home.  We pray every day and we support in each other in our faith. We know in our hearts that as long as God is number one and the head of our household, we have nothing to fear.  

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