Jimmy and I first connected on ChristianMingle in January of 2012. On our first online chat, we both felt an immediate connection and had so much to share with one another. We emailed each other every day, and it was clear that we shared a similar outlook on faith, family, and envisioned a similar future for ourselves. The only setback was that we lived 5,000 miles apart, making dating a challenge. Despite the setback, we would stay up all night on the phone, and then laugh the next day at how tired we were! After talking on the phone for a month, we finally had the opportunity to meet each other in person. Jimmy flew to the U.S. in February and when we first met it was definitely love at first sight! We spent three days together before he went back to Germany. Even though we didn’t have that much time together we both knew it in our hearts that we were meant for each other.

Within a week of his return, we both knew we wanted to get married and so decided to meet in Germany a few months later. While I was there, he proposed to me in a castle, complete with a horse drawn carriage! It was so beautiful and I knew that I couldn’t have been more blessed to have found such an incredible man. We got married in Greece on June of this year and are now both living in Germany.

We are both eternally grateful for ChristianMingle, for we would have never met otherwise, and to God for blessing us with each other!

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