How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
Melinda & Jordan 03I have to thank ChristianMingle, they quite literally made my dreams come true. I met my soon-to-be husband on the site in October 2014 and my life has never been the same.

I say the site literally made my dreams come true because just four months before we met, I had a dream that I soon realized was God’s way of telling me my “Mr. Really Truly Right” (as my mother has always called him) was on his way. I’d dreamt of a guy who wanted with all his heart to be with me and have a life together. He put in a serious effort to make our relationship work and to make me happy. It was so vivid that when I woke up and realized it was a dream, I was disappointed at first. No guy I’d ever dated treated me the way the guy in my dream did. But very quickly, I felt a peace come over me, and I knew in my heart that this dream was God’s way of telling me to keep the faith. He was bringing me a guy just like this. And that is the guy I am meant to be with.

Four months later, I saw Jordan on ChristianMingle. I sent him a smile and he replied with a message. After sending a few emails, we exchanged numbers and, before long, we were getting ready for our first date.

We met for the first time in person at a music festival at a park in Nashville. Little did we know music would become such a big part of our relationship, making a day of music in the park a sweet start to our story. We talked about family, cities we lived in, places we wanted to go, our personal and professional pasts and a little George Strait, too. We both left that date knowing this was something really special.

Melinda & Jordan 01Describe the moment you knew it was true love!
Jordan has such a big and loving heart, I think he could see our love before I could. But I can still remember the moment I knew not only how much I loved Jordan, but how much I wanted to spend my life with him. I always daydreamed about the happy moments we could experience – a wedding, raising a family, traveling to new places together. But when I made an effort to think about the hardships we might face, I felt what I can only describe as a peaceful anticipation. Almost as if I looked forward to facing the hard times, too. He was the one I wanted to experience life’s highs and lows with. The potential hardships didn’t scare me when I thought of him being there with me. I’d never felt that before.

What advice would you give other ChristianMingle members?
Much like any dating site, keep an open mind and try not to get too hung up on a preconceived list of preferences you have about your partner. It’s nice to know what you want in a significant other, but don’t make it the be all and end all of the profiles you’ll look at. I’d dated guys who were younger than me and it never went well, so I didn’t even want to consider the profiles of guys who weren’t my age or older. Well, I’m 13 months older than Jordan and that one little fact almost made me miss out on the love of my life.

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