How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
We met at the end of September on ChristianMingle. He found me. I wasn’t really looking outside my immediate city/area, but I got a message from this guy in Louisiana and his profile said he was going to be moving to Monterey, California. I was living in Nevada at the time, but little did he know I had lived in Monterey through high school and college, and my family still lived in the small town next to Monterey called Pacific Grove. I didn’t tell him at first that I was from there. I wanted to see if he was normal first. After chatting back and forth a few times, I ended up telling him I was from there and it was the first in the laundry list of coincidences and things we have in common. But the road wasn’t leading us to physically meet for at least two more months.

It wasn’t until a week before Thanksgiving that we got to meet in person. He drove up to Sacramento to go to IKEA for furniture for his new apartment in Monterey, and I was there for work, so I took a day off to meet him and see if he was as special as I hoped he would be. We spent the day shopping for his place, having lunch and catching a movie before he drove back to Monterey. It was perfect. I drove away that night knowing that my life had just changed forever. I was going to my parents’ for Thanksgiving a week later, and called my mom to tell her to plan for one more, which in my house was not an unusual thing around the holidays. Little did my family know I was bringing home my future husband!

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!
We took a trip to flagstaff for New Years 2016 and got stuck in the car for eight hours in a snowstorm, then had another 11-hour drive home. We didn’t stop, we just kept going and taking turns driving, but it was still the most wonderful trip. We were in complete sync and I knew I needed him in my life forever.

What advice would you give other ChristianMingle members?
Don’t always look for the obvious match like someone in your neighborhood or city. Your forever partner and life mate may be states away or halfway around the world. The Lord works in mysterious ways and has already found you the perfect match.

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