I found ChristianMingle through “Ask Jeeves”. I had several friends that had met through various websites and I was intrigued. However, I was still very skeptical and was not sure if this was for me. I felt a strong pull somewhere from within me to find a website to see what would happen. So as I said I found your website through “Ask Jeeves”. I submitted my profile and photo and began looking through the profiles available. I saw this woman from Manta. She was the only one that I had any interest in. I really enjoyed her profile and the way she looked.

I decided to wait a day or two before I contacted her because I could not remember where Manta was. I knew I had heard of this place before. To make a long story short. My sister had lived in Manta as a journeyman missionary. Manta is a coastal city in Ecuador, South America. So I have had an enchantment with Ecuador ever since. So before I could contact her, she contacted me.

Mary Jo and I were put together and we both feel it was by God. Our chatting turned serious and I made arrangements to fly to Quito, Ecuador from Atlanta, Georgia in August of 2001. Mary Jo had a friend that she wanted to set up so she asked if I had a friend I could bring with me. So I asked my best friend to go along. To make a long story short–my friend married Mary Jo’s friend and Mary Jo and I are very happily married. So directly and indirectly ChristianMingle served as God’s tool to introduce two couples from across the globe. God definitely works in mysterious ways.

Thanks ChristianMingle!

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