After being hurt by several men in my life, I had finally reached contentment, thinking that I would be single for the rest of my days. After all, I had a successful career and an amazing family—who needed love? Little did I know the adventure that God was about to give me. In January 2012, I felt a stirring in my heart that I recognized only as a longing for love—a companion to spend my time with, a mate to love deeply, and a partner to work alongside with in God’s kingdom. Several friends suggested online dating, and I just laughed it off. 

I soon discovered that ChristianMingle was different, though. The second I signed up, I knew that it was an effective tool for finding God’s match for me. In just three short weeks, this Chicago city girl stumbled across a handsome country man from North Carolina who loved his family, his country, and his God. Will and I were a 93% compatibility match, and opposite color personalities. Our most important values are the same, but in other areas, we couldn’t be more different! Despite our differences, we complemented the other person in ways that blew us away. Being a “blue” personality, I needed his logical “red” leadership skills. Being a “red” personality, he needed my attention to detail and emotional connections. We couldn’t be a better match! God took two people with similar stories of past pain and brought them together in a way that was both healing and powerful. 

Knowing His children well, God gave me a faithful man because He knew I needed one. Likewise, God gave Will a loyal woman who would love him with her whole heart because that’s exactly what Will needed. Dating long distance helped prepare us for the journey that was about to come: Will’s 3-year term in the United States Army. After only dating long distance for five months Will shipped out for basic training in June of 2012. Our relationship was truly tested as we had nothing but letter writing for more than ten weeks. Every day, I was on my knees praying for my soldier in training and every day I put a letter in the mailbox for the man I knew I was going to marry. Receiving his letters felt like Christmas morning every time! 

After Will finished basic training and AIT, we spent Thanksgiving weekend together and got married. A few months later, I moved out to Colorado to be with my new husband who was now stationed at Fort Carson. Every day, we pray that God protects him as he serves his country, and every day, I thank God that I have finally found the husband my heart has always longed for. If it weren’t for ChristianMingle, I would never have found him, and no amount of success or happiness can match the joy that consumes my heart now that I have Will.

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