“How did you two meet ?” is a question we are asked very often.  We are so proud to say, “We met on ChristianMingle.”   Roger was lonely, 77-years-old and single for 6 years.  Marlene was 74-years-old, a widow, and lonely as well.  We were so unsuccessful at meeting someone in our prospective areas.  Marlene said, “I can’t wear a sign around my neck saying ‘I’m single.’” We both lived in golfing retirement communities in Tennessee, about 50 miles apart.

First Roger signed up in June 2012 for ChristianMingle for 6 months. Five months later, in November 2012,  Marlene signed up. ‘Rssss’ was Rogers handle and ‘Alicia Blue’ was Marlene’s handle.  Marlene prayed that day, “Please God send someone perfect for me.”  And when Roger saw Marlene’s photo and bio, he said “I’ve got to meet her and see that beautiful smile.” 

They both liked the fact that each one responded on the church question as ‘one who goes every week.’ That was so important for both of us.  Marlene also liked the info that said he was 6 ft, and nice and slim.  So they talked on ChristianMingle for a couple weeks, and then Roger asked Marlene to meet him for lunch.  She was being coy and said “Lunch?????”  Well, Roger took it to mean that she wasn’t ready for lunch with a stranger, so he just dropped it. This made Marlene wonder what happened to Rssss.  So she emailed him again and said what happened to you?  He told her what he thought about her not ready for lunch. So they got back to emails.  Roger sent romantic cards, available from ChristianMingle.  He sent them day and night. Marlene responded with love notes and cards as well. They were so anxious to meet. Finally, Roger made a date for Dec. 3, 2012 for Ruby Tuesdays.  When they saw each other get out of their cars, they both said it was love at first sight. Roger said the bells and whistles went off.

Their young love grew and grew.  They were inseparable.  They went to church together every Wed. and Sun.  They traveled around the country meeting and introducing their children to one another.  They traveled to Denver, Salt Lake City, Grand Rapids, and Branson.  Roger has 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.  Marlene has 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Roger is a singer, baritone, and sings with the local choral group.  They perform concerts like Christmas concerts.  They had a trip planned for June 2013 to Ireland. They had several concerts scheduled where they would be singing in ancient churches, cathedrals, castles and golf country clubs.  The music was beautiful.  About 45 members of the choir went on the trip.  While they were in Ireland, Roger proposed to Marlene. He gave her an Irish Claddagh ring with an Emerald stone. Another step in their relationship.

Marlene and Roger set a date and were married on Dec. 14, 2013 at 7:30PM in Marlene and Roger’s church before 90 guests.  It was a Christmas-themed wedding; Marlene wore a red dress and Roger wore his tuxedo with a red tie and cummerbund.  The church was decorated with Christmas trees, Poinsettias and twinkling with tiny white Christmas lights.  It was beautiful.  Roger sang “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” to Marlene. They started their life together with Christ in the Center.  It was indeed a Christian Mingle Happy Ending. And it was just the beginning.

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