Neil and I met on ChristianMingle in April of 2011. I had joined ChristianMingle over St. Patrick’s Day and was able to get two months for the price of one. I thought I would have a longer and better chance of meeting someone. Neil was on his last day of membership on the site because he had given up hope. I saw his profile and sent him a smile. From there, we started smiling back and forth on the site and then exchanged phone numbers and were texting constantly with each other. In one day, we could have up to 150 text messages between us. Neil was easy to talk to and we connected instantly. He lives five hours away, but despite the distance, he really wanted to come and take me out on a date.  I reluctantly said yes because I felt bad that he had to drive so far to take me out.

Neil was a complete gentleman and our first date was a success. From then on, Neil would come up once a week to see me and take me out on a date. I was planning on making the trip to see him once I was finished with school. Neil and I talked about marriage and having a family shortly after we started dating. We wanted a strong Christian foundation for our relationship and family. We both agreed that we would not live together until we were married because we are both divorced and did not want our relationship to end up like our first marriages. Neil and I are now planning on getting married within the next few months after only being together for 3 months. We both know that people will think we are crazy for moving so fast, but everything feels right. We are each other’s best friends and do everything together. That is something we both never had in our first marriages. Our relationship is a match made in heaven and it all started with ChristianMingle.

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