I would like to share our love story of how God’s magnificent miracles brought my husband and I together via ChristianMingle.

Keith and I met back in 1980 when I was separated from my husband at the time. We dated for 3-4 weeks and then I reconciled with my husband. Keith and I did not see each other again and went our separate ways. Thirty two years later, I divorced my husband of 40 years and joined ChristianMingle on May 17, 2012. Keith had several failed marriages during those 32 years and then he also joined ChristianMingle. We came up as a match and I could not believe it when I saw his picture and profile and my heart literally skipped a beat!  I had thought about him over the years, just wondering what his life might be like. We went back and forth looking at each other’s profiles on ChristianMingle.  He did not recognize me and had no plans of contacting me via the website because of the long distance of where we were both living. I, on the other hand, decided that if he looked at my profile one more time and didn’t contact me, that I would contact him. So I did and this is what I wrote:

Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 6:41pm

Subject: Do You Remember Me?

Hello Keith!

I’ve been wondering if you remembered me from way back in 1980… I was separated from my husband and we met at a party on Lake Tapps. We got together a few times and then I reconciled with my husband. It has been a long time, but I remember you very clearly. How are you?

This is how Keith responded:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 6:36pm

Subject: Been a While

Didn’t remember from your pictures, but I believe I remember the situation. Memory is getting bad, but not that bad! Give me a call. I’d like to catch up.

Looking forward to it,


I called Keith the next day and we made arrangements to meet on Sunday, June 10th at Lake Sammamish State Park for the “Tastin’n’Racin” event. He said he would call me the day before to set the meeting time and he did.

I got to the event a little early and when I saw Keith crossing the parking lot; again, my heart skipped a beat. We hugged and then spent most of the day talking, catching up and just walking around. After several hours, our hands connected and we both knew that we wanted to see each other again. On our fourth date, which was 10 days after meeting at the park, we both said we were falling in love. We saw each other every weekend, prayed together on the phone each night and made the commitment that we wanted to live the rest of our lives together.

Ten months after our meeting in the park, we were married. We prayed that I would get a work transfer to where Keith was living. An opening immediately came up for my job and I applied and was offered the position. Another miracle from God and the timing was once again perfect. We have been married for seven months now and our love grows stronger every day. When God brings two people together that have been searching for someone that has the same love for Him; it is absolutely perfect. Experiencing God’s love towards us has shown us how to love each other in a way we never thought would be possible. Our faith and commitment to God has gotten so much stronger as a couple and we study God’s word every day. We found a church that we both love and our goal is to do God’s will and be a witness to others to show them the miracles that we have been blessed with. We are eternally grateful that God used your dating site to reconnect us. It is a true love story and miracle!

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