Mari and I were both single for more than seven years. We both had very broken pasts and had spent years allowing God to heal us… all the while, both of us were praying for our future spouse. I mean, not only were we both praying that God would bring us a Godly spouse, but we were also praying for the health and well-being of our future spouse.
Neither of us were sure about signing up for a Christian dating site, but through much consideration, or much convincing from friends and family, we both ended up opening profiles around the same time.
April 9th was a particularly painful date for Mari because it was the date that her previous spouse had hurt her and destroyed their marriage. But God, being the amazing God that He is, redeemed that date and brought us into contact for the very first time on
We immediately had a connection and began talking and praying daily over the phone or on video. Through a series of small miracles, or huge confirmations, depending how you look at it, we shortly agreed that we should be married. We dated until we were married on November 29, 2013. We recently celebrated our first anniversary, and we are both so happy and blessed that God brought us together. We have six kids between us (three each), all of whom have accepted us and each other as family.
Now we all attend the same church and are involved in local ministries. God is good!

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