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We all go through rough seasons in life and many people find hope through the music they listen to. Mandisa, of “American Idol” fame, declares you can overcome whatever you are going through on her most recent album, Overcomer. The CD was released in August and has since received some great reviews.

A Christian pop and gospel singer / songwriter, Mandisa writes songs that have a personal meaning to her, and aim to be inspiring for her fans. Overcomer is Mandisa’s eighth album released since her top 10 finish on “American Idol” Season Five.

The title track on Overcomer was made for all women around the world who are struggling to overcome hardship. Breast cancer, weight issues, pregnancy, career troubles and other issues are just some of the things Mandisa hopes her song will help women overcome.

The music video’s world debut aired on “Good Morning America” and featured host Robin Roberts in her widely-publicized struggle with breast cancer. Mandisa says Roberts has encouraged her in her own life as she grew in her career and weight control.

“I’m in a new place and I want to proclaim some things to my listeners and one of them is that they are overcomers,” says Mandisa in her Amazon biography. ”Whether or not you feel it, it’s a fact. It’s what God says in His Word. In John 16:33 Jesus said that He overcame the world. By His Holy Spirit, Jesus lives inside of all who have asked Him to be their Lord and Savior. Because His spirit lives inside of you, 1 John 5:4-5 says that you are born of God and overcome the world by faith. That is what makes you an overcomer.”

Overcomer is a beautifully-organized and sung record.  There are 12 tracks, each of which offers inspiring or faithful words to listeners.

Modern-day Christians and music-lovers will delight in Mandisa’s powerful voice with which she sings her praises to the Lord, thanking Him for the gifts He has given and praising Him for the gifts He has yet to give. “At All Times” is an especially religious song, and church leaders and groups might even find themselves singing along.

Mandisa writes more about some of her favorite tracks, including “Press On,” a song anyone can relate to: “I’m proclaiming I’m going to press on no matter what comes my way,” said Mandisa. “For me, in that song specifically I’m speaking about my weight loss journey. I’ve come a long way. I’ve lost over 100 lbs. but I still have some work to do. I’m going to press on through this. I’m going to make it and I’m going to get to the finish line.” 

Indeed, Mandisa has come a long way in her music career. Mandisa gained plenty of followers through her voice and subsequent fight against her weight which encouraged and inspired her to overcome.

Another more religious song is the track “Face to Face.” “It’s all about the fact that one day we’ll see Jesus face to face. I dedicate that song to my grandma who went to be with the Lord in January,” noted Mandisa. “I imagine her worshipping God face to face and I cannot wait to be up there with her worshipping Him together. For now, I know that God has called me to be here, so that song is just proclaiming that we’re all going to see Him face to face if we have asked Him to be our Lord and Savior.”

Overcomer is available through many outlets, including Amazon. If you purchase her tracks on iTunes, you’ll find 15 tracks instead of 12 – the extra tracks include remixes of both “Overcomer” and “Press On.”

You won’t be disappointed with Mandisa’s new album – whether you’re listening alone, with friends, family or church group, you’re sure to find some inspiring words in her music and find your own voice as you sing along to the catchy tunes.

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