It all began one day with my mom and I having a conversation. After I saw the commercial for ChristianMingle, my mom encouraged me to set up a profile. I hesitated at first but prayed on it for a couple of days and decided to try it. I also had been praying to God and telling God exactly what I wanted in a soulmate, and God sure did honor it. I am glad I tried it because I met my soulmate and best friend, Miquiel.

Malia&Miquiel-fountainWe chatted online for a month and then finally met in person on December 6, 2013 when Miquiel came to Springfield, Ohio for the weekend during an ice and snowstorm! This was the beautiful beginning of our lives.  Miquiel was up and down the highway every other weekend to visit me while we built our relationship and friendship. Miquiel and I were very compatible, especially being spiritually yoked; we both attended church all of our lives and are currently in many ministries. We both are very family-oriented and cherish our families.

He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and I was born and raised in Dayton but resided in Springfield, Ohio for the last seven years. We were 200 miles apart, but God put us together and made a way for us to be together. When we met, it already felt like we were best friends and that we had known each other many years, but that was our great connection. We knew seven months into our relationship that we were going to move forward, so he proposed on July 3, 2014. We began planning our wedding and we got married on July 11, 2015. We had such a beautiful wedding and reception.

Thank you ChristianMingle for my wonderful and handsome husband, Miquiel. We tell anyone looking for that special someone to never give up on love. Wait on God and keep praying! We highly recommend ChristianMingle for finding God’s match for you.

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