There are plenty of days dedicated to showing your love to your spouse. Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and now, every January 26th is “Spouse’s Day.” So even though you forgot or didn’t know about it this year, mark it on your calendars. Your spouse will be glad you did. Right now, you can already get started to prepare for next year.

No matter if you are newlyweds or celebrating several decades together, falling in love all over again is not only possible, but can be a great way to refocus and remember what brought the two of you together in the first place.

Take a moment to think about the first time you met. What did you think? What emotions were you feeling? Were you attracted to each other right away? Now think about your first date, your first kiss, a favorite memory, your wedding day. Are you smiling yet?

Marriage is a relationship unlike any other. When you marry your spouse, you accept them for who they are. You don’t focus on their faults, you focus on all the things you love about them. God tells us that marriage is an unbreakable bond.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. — Genesis 2:24

Ideally our spouse should be our favorite person, our number one. Spouses should know every detail about each other and be able to trust each other with their whole heart. Our spouse should be our best friend. This might be true of your relationship already. If it’s not, here are a few ways to become closer than ever.

Think about Friendship

When you think about what makes a best friend, it’s things like being able to tell them anything and everything and knowing that they will support you and love you for who you are. It’s being able to laugh over silly things, share common interests, and always having someone to have fun with. Isn’t this the same definition of a spouse? How can you be closer to someone than “becoming one flesh?”

Make Your Spouse a Priority

Making time for each other is of course priority in a marriage. Experiencing new things together whether it be a new restaurant, an outdoor activity, or some sort of class that teaches a skill the two of you have been wanting to learn. Enjoying new experiences can enhance your relationship and bring you closer together by bonding over new and exciting things.

Share His or Her Interests

Pay attention to your spouse’s interests. Does she like golf, reading, hiking, tennis, theatre? Invite your spouse to do something that you know he would enjoy. This lets them know that you pay attention to their interests and needs and are willing to spend time doing something that you know they enjoy.

Go on Dates

Dating doesn’t end when marriage begins. Continue to date your spouse once a week, once a month, whatever you can fit into your schedule. Dating your spouse ensures that you set aside time to focus fully on your spouse and all of the reasons why you love them.

Make Time to Talk 

Communication is essential for any sort of relationship to thrive. When is the last time you and your spouse had an actual conversation? Talk about an article you read in a magazine, a new movie coming to the theatre, a funny story you heard recently. Whatever comes into your head, share it with your spouse.

Review Your Vows

Take some time to reflect on the vows that you and your spouse took on your wedding day. What areas have you thrived in? Are there any vows that you have neglected or let slip away? Reminding yourselves of the promises that the two of you made to each other on your wedding day can help you to refocus on what you want your marriage to be.

This Spouse’s Day, let your loved one know how special you think they are. Remind them of why it is you love them. Take time to compliment them and let them know how much they are appreciated.

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