A relationship changes things, and one of those things is friendships. Just ask yourself, have you ever been in a relationship and found that one of your friends either distances themselves or treats you differently? It happens, but it shouldn’t.

A Two-Way Street

Friendship is a two-way street; it involves both people inviting each other for outings or group events. If only one person is doing this, it’s not much of friendship, and if one street blocks itself off, what is there left? Your single friends should understand that your life is different, but that doesn’t mean they’re suddenly excluded. If you have held up your end of the friendship, then you have nothing to fret over. If your friend doesn’t receive you being in a relationship well, then that’s their issue, not yours.

There should never be any jealousy in a friendship; there should only be room for encouraging, uplifting and spurring on your relationship to be the best it can be. That’s what your friends should be doing; a true friend does this, and even prays for your relationship. A friend doesn’t look on in jealousy or belittle your relationship. Your friend needs to realize that you have a new priority in your life, and your time is prioritized for your relationship.

New Priorities

If you invited your friend over for a few hours and they were ungrateful or disappointed, then they simply don’t understand that your life is not that of a single person any longer. Don’t worry about what your friend worries about; let them know you care about your friendship and you’re doing all you can to keep the friendship, but that life has changed. If they simply can’t accept that truth, then they will most likely distance themselves or just stop talking to you altogether; that’s the unfortunate thing.

You simply can’t please everyone, even your friends [Proverbs 29:25]. The friends that love you no matter what will be the friends that never leave you.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”  —Proverbs 17:17

A good friend will want to see your relationship flourish; they will be glad for you, be there for you and rejoice with you on your wedding day in the future. Romantic relationships shouldn’t have to halt friendships. Though things might change a little bit, a strong friendship will be sustained even after one of you finds love.

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