Maggie’s side of the Story:

On July 31st of last year, I was ready to deactivate my ChristianMingle account. I had been on the site for about two months and hadn’t really connected with anyone. Before doing so, however, I clicked on a profile of someone who had recently viewed me. I was drawn by Seth’s pictures and instantly wanted to read more! And so I did. The more I read, the more I interested I became. The only setback was that we lived very far away from each other. I chose to send him a smile anyway, but wasn’t expecting him to return my smile, given my previous negative dating experiences.

Those first few messages after I sent Seth the smile was the moment when I felt God’s Hand in our relationship. There were sparks from the get go! By simply hearing his voice, I knew that Seth was the man that I had been looking for all of my life—the one person who was meant to grow with me in my walk with Jesus and support me through trials and hardships. We quickly began to do “cross country” devotionals together, which was a huge part of the building blocks of our relationship. I was going through a very hard time, but Seth was there every step of the way. A lesser man would’ve turned his back, but Seth was a shoulder to cry on when I needed it and my rock of support and encouragement.

We met for the first time when I was performing the lead in “Camelot,” the musical at our civic theater. Since then, I have witnessed him being so proud of the musical gifts that God has bestowed upon me, and my heart leaps with joy. Our first meeting was definitely love at first sight! We knew even before we met that we loved each other and that God had brought us together to become husband and wife. Each encounter has further solidified our relationship, and we are longing for the day in which we will live in holy matrimony—worshipping together and thanking God for the faithful, passionate, loving marriage that we know He will help us create.

Thank you, ChristianMingle, for allowing us to come together and find love in a safe, loving, open, God-fearing environment. I cannot imagine my life without Seth! We are set to be married within this year and I couldn’t be happier!

Seth’s Side of the Story:

My sister had signed me up for ChristianMingle. I laughed at the prospect of online dating, but agreed to complete my profile. I looked almost every day for nearly a month, trying to find someone that I could see a potential future with. After a fruitless month of searching, I set my search to 1,000 miles, since I was getting frustrated that I hadn’t found anyone yet. On one of the pages, I came across Maggie’s profile and loved her picture. After reading her profile, I loved what she had written, but considering how far away she lived I chose not to initiate any contact. That night, I got down on my knees and prayed to God that He would bring the right woman into my life when the time was right. What is amazing is that the very next morning, Maggie sent me a smile! I was so ecstatic that we soon started exchanging emails. Every email was a blessing to my heart, as it showed that we were truly meant for each other. After one week of emailing, we exchanged phone numbers, and the rest is history.

Within the next few months, I will be graduating from college, moving to Indiana, and marrying the love of my life!

Without ChristianMingle, we would possibly have never met! Thank you ChristianMingle for bringing my future wife into my life! I love Maggie dearly. The past five months have been the best of my life, all thanks to meeting Maggie through ChristianMingle.

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