In November of 2011, I signed up for a 3 month membership on ChristianMingle. In those 3 months, I maybe corresponded with a couple of men, but it really didn’t go beyond a week of emailing back and forth. I went on a holiday in the beginning of January of 2012 and mentioned to my children that I was not renewing my subscription. They encouraged me to give it another 3 months and I did so, reluctantly. On January 22, I knew the children were coming for dinner so I thought I had better check the site, since they would be asking me about it. The first profile that came up was Frank’s. Although he didn’t have a picture, I liked his profile enough to request his photo using the “smile” function on ChristianMingle.

Meanwhile, Frank had been encouraged by his daughter to join ChristianMingle, so that same Sunday, Frank set up his profile. After going to church, Frank thought he should maybe check the site. I was his first match and he also had a smile from me waiting! Our profiles were very well matched. We are both of Dutch descent, raised in the same church denomination, formerly married for 36 years, and lost our spouses to cancer. We quickly discovered that we lived 20 minutes apart and had actually been introduced before meeting on ChristianMingle at the cancer clinic by Frank’s deceased wife. To top it all off, my youngest son hung out with his son in their teenage years and my son also dated Frank’s daughter-in –law!

The Saturday after we were matched on ChristianMingle, Frank called and asked me out for supper. Despite a very stormy winter night, the weather cleared enough so that we could meet at a local restaurant. It was amazing how we just clicked! We felt very free with one another and could just talk about anything. It has been the ride of my life these past 11 months!

On October 6, Frank and I were married with the full support of our 9 children and 13 grandchildren. We chose Thanksgiving weekend, because we are truly thankful to our Lord and Savior for using ChristianMingle to bring our lives together. Through all of this we know it was God that has brought us together, with the help of ChristianMingle. If we just open our hearts and give Him control, God is always there for us. We both lost our spouses to cancer and went through some terrible times, yet God was already working in our lives then to prepare us for our futures together. He is an awesome God!

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