My fiance and I would like to extend a big Thank You! for your site and the opportunity for us to meet and grow into a healthy and longlasting relationship in the Lord. Me (CaeSly) and my future wife (loridmonroe) met on your site in March 2010. We messaged each other then soon after decided to meet in person. We instantly connected and both knew “this is someone right for me”. Began courting and got to know each even deeper only to discover we had crossed paths several years before. It was then we discovered God’s true work in our lives. How he can take two people who are so alike, lead their lives on two totally different paths, only to unite them later in life. It was awesome to learn of our small coincidences that happened hundreds of miles away and several years ago… “you lived there? I lived there too!” In October 2010 I knew Lori was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Apparently she knew the same for me as well and was eagerly awaiting the big question 🙂 I’m happy to announce we are engaged and set to be married in April 2011. We have just put a downpayment on our future home and could not be happier! Thank you ChristianMingle for your inspiring hope that thru God, and with the help of your site, we may all find that special someone.

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