Panasonic is determined to be heard over the competition’s noise when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. The SC-NT10 Portable Wireless Speaker System with Bluetooth is a powerful, all-season speaker with a rugged shell that’s perfect for any season, indoors and out.

Touted by Panasonic as the “tough guy” of speakers, the SC-NT10 is promoting itself as a “must-have” for any outdoor activity where you want powerful sound from a speaker that can look out for itself. The speaker’s super-rugged shell, Panasonic says, can handle hot or cold, from one extreme to the other while fending off dirt, grit and grime. 

Do you worry about your speaker around water? Not with the SC-NT10, Panasonic says, recommending its splash-proof protection and tough-guy exterior. This feature makes it ideal for camping, trips down the shore, or just lounging around by the pool, where splashing is – was – always a risk.

Take your Bluetooth to the next level with the fine-tuning powers of this device. Panasonic packed a pretty big punch into this speaker with its ability to catch those low-frequency sounds, boost the mid-range and filter out the rest.

This speaker is the epitome of good sportsmanship, always getting along with any tablet or phone you set it up with. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a techie to get it to connect with the other devices. The SC-NT10’s near field technology does away with the hassle, leaving you to simply tap your phone to the speaker, or simply wave the phone or tablet over the speaker, and voila – you’re connected. But wait, there’s more. A little speaker tucked into the SC-NT10 lets it double as a speakerphone whenever you need it.

The Panasonic SC-NT10 packs a handy rechargeable battery that is designed to hold its charge for a good eight hours. This makes the SC-NT10 all the more valuable out in the field, where, in addition to projecting your tunes, the speaker also doubles as a charging station for your smartphone or tablet, which can be plugged directly into the SC-NT10’s port.

According to Panasonic, the two inch “Passive Radiator on the NT10 helps strengthen low-frequency sound to provide dynamic, robust bass.”

Additional features of the SC-NT10 include the fact that it resists dust as well as breaking when dropped. This tough scrap of a speaker, while little, can reportedly hold its own and is ready to take the heat, up to 122 degrees F, that is. 

Built tough like other popular rugged devices in Panasonics lineup, the SC-NT10 may be small – about the size of a hockey puck – but gets the job done and then some. Low-frequency sounds are magnified by the XBS master.

Thanks to the XBS Master, which magnifies low-frequency sounds, H. Bass which adds harmonics, and Multi-band Gain Control to cut out the unwanted sounds, your music will have even more power.

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