I was ready to resign to single life when I met the love of my life, Chuck, through ChristianMingle in April of last year. He had just signed onto ChristianMingle and was nervous about re-entering the dating world after having lost his wife of 36 years. I had tried other dating websites, but they all left me feeling as if there was no real match for me out there.

One night I decided to write down all the qualities I wanted in my future mate and I called the list “The Desires of My Heart.” I prayed over the list and asked God to send me the one He had designed and shaped for me. I was skeptical if God would be able to send me The One, and was in the brink of giving up, when I came across Chuck’s profile. I sent him a message and he responded shortly after. We then began exchanging various messages and scheduled a time for a CM chat the next night. I found myself so anxious in anticipation of our chat I could think of little else. When the time finally arrived, we chatted for a couple of hours that night and even went ahead and talked on the phone! The conversation was so easy and fun that we didn’t want it to end.

We met up for dinner two days after our first phone call. Twice that night, God placed two beautiful, brilliant double rainbows in the sky and bonded two beautiful loving hearts. I tell Chuck all the time that he came to me on a rainbow.

Astoundingly, Chuck met each and every one of the “Desires of My Heart.” I am still amazed at how faithful God was in providing my every desire. Even when my faith was faltering He did not waiver.

We have been inseparable since that day. We married on June 25 of last year in a lovely outdoor family ceremony. We are living and loving life and soaking up every moment we can together. Our grown children have bonded wonderfully, and just like Chuck and I, it seems they have known each other for years.

I can’t begin to imagine what God has in store for us, but neither of us can wait to see it all unfold!

Thank you, ChristianMingle, for your service. We know you were part of God’s grand plan for us. I pray others will find the love and joy we have found in each other.

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