Following the wild success of The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, Mark and Roma Downey are at it again, this time with the made-for-motion picture Son of God.

Coming to a Theatre Near You

Son of God will be released on February 28 in theatres across America and buzz is quickly growing in secular and faith communities alike.

See the Interview!

In this emotionally charged interview, Mark and Roma give us a sneak-peak of both the movie itself, as well as their hopes for how this epic production will stir people’s faith.

With her husband’s arm wrapped around her, Roma proudly announces, ““This is the first major motion picture on the complete life of Jesus Christ, from birth to resurrection, since The Greatest Story Ever Told which was released nearly fifty years ago. We’re so excited that we’re able to once again see the life-changing story on the big screen.”

100 Million People Viewed The Bible

With over 100 million viewing The Bible, the producers are hoping the same success will be true for Son of God

With humbleness and sincerity, Mark and Roma make it very clear that the success of the first project had a lot to do with the faith community. They site prayer as playing a pivotal role and are not shy about what they hope the film will do for the church as a whole. “Roma and I are praying that this movie will be a blessing for the church,” Mark says, “We sincerely hope it will lead to many having a deeper relationship with Christ.”

Bring Others to Christ!

Mark and Roma are interested in far more than dollars with this project. A good portion of the interview is spent talking about how this film would work as an ideal conduit to bring a non-believer the Good News of the Gospel. In Roma’s words, “We believe the Love of God will jump right off the movie screen and into the hearts of many, especially those who are far from Him.”

Mark, forever the doting husband, backs her up, “It’s so easy to invite a friend to a movie, and it may change that friend, or that co-worker or that fan member’s life forever.”

Christian Leaders from All Denominations are Raving!

Just a few of the world’s biggest Christian voices that endorse this film include:

• Jim Daly (President of Focus on the Family and Contributor)

• Rick Warren (President Obama’s spiritual advisor and Senior Pastor at Saddleback Church)

• Gabe Lyons (Founder of Q – Ideas for the Common Good)

• Reverend Sam Rodriguez (President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference)

• Greg Jao (Regional Director at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship)

• Cardinal Donald Wuerl (Arch Bishop of Washington)

• Pastor Bill Hybels (Senior Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church)

Erwin McManus (Founder of MOSAIC)

And more!

Not Suitable for Kids Under 13

Son of God was rated PG-13 for an intense and bloody depiction of the crucifixion and some sequences of violence.

While this movie isn’t ideal for children, it will be a great resource for adults to be able to teach their children sound facts about the life of Jesus and what he means to their spiritual life.

Want More Resources for Kids?

Check in with us in March where will run a review of Tyndale House Publisher’s Girls and Boy’s Life Application Study Bible.

Spread the Word!

In full support of Roma and Mark Downey, hopes you’ll mark February 28 on your calendar and spread the word about the Word! This should prove to be a remarkable film you don’t want to miss. (And you could just save someone’s life just by taking them to the movies! No pressure.)

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