A recent episode of Parenthood featured the storyline of Max Braverman and his attempts to get a vending machine back into his school.  This initiative was the driving agenda for his recent election as Student Body President and he was prepared to battle the well-intentioned PTA members who had lobbied for the vending machine to be removed.  Confident that he could make this happen, Max is defeated and extraordinarily frustrated when his request is denied.

Feeling her son’s disappointment, Max’s mom goes to work to help him (unbeknownst to Max).  She studies the issue and pitches the PTA on the idea of bringing the machine back but with healthy snack options.  A win-win for everyone.

Max arrives one day at school to a crowd of cheering classmates surrounding the new vending machine.

Max erupts with joy exclaiming “I did it!  I did it!”

Max’s joy in that moment is contagious.  He truly believes he accomplished this great feat, completely unaware of how his mom was working behind the scenes.

I just couldn’t help but imagine that this is what most of our life looks like.

We find so many joy in our accomplishments without recognizing who is at work behind the scenes.

I suspect God beams with pride and joy as he watches us enjoy the successes we experience.

This too, is a picture of leadership.  As leaders, we need to be willing to be behind the scenes, doing the leg work that allows others to shine.

“Who in your life needs a little boost from you so that they can exclaim “I did it!  I did it!?

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