I received an email from Carlos on December 11, 2012. His opening line was, “too bad you live so far.” I love a challenge, so I replied. He was a breath of fresh air; a wonderful listener, interesting, and kept conversation going. Carlos and I met decided to meet in person three days later. Our second date was the very next day. However, because we were both still skeptical about this new way of meeting people, we would only go out on weekend dates, but this became short-lived as we enjoyed each other’s company. 

We were both at a place in life that allowed us to embrace each other’s lives. Nothing is perfect, but it couldn’t get any better than this! We do so much together:  bike riding, sledding and have gone on several beach vacations.  We also spent many nights at a cafe listening to jazz music and talking for hours.

I am blessed to have met a man that truly honors God. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and to top it off, his family is even more amazing! I never thought I would find my future husband on ChristianMingle.  I believe God used this mechanism to lead our paths to unite in marriage. Our wedding date is in October of this year. It is going to be the best days of our lives!
I’m actually going to take a screen shot I have of his ChristianMingle profile and make the groom cake out of it. I know he will laugh uncontrollably! I can’t wait! 

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