Technological advancements in video gaming systems have allowed consoles to become more than just gaming and entertainment devices. New gaming consoles that integrate body movement have offered people a chance to get off the couch and utilize their video gaming systems as a source of fitness training. 

Whether it’s using a Wii Balance Board for yoga or a Kinect system for the latest Zumba fitness workout, there seems to be a gaming console to suit all your fitness needs and interests. However, while gaming systems have their advantages when it comes to fitness, there are some things to consider before deciding on the best route to wellness for you and your family.
Nutritional Tracking: Many virtual fitness programs can offer much more advanced options for keeping up with nutrition. While a gym membership can offer a nutrition list or diet plan to coincide with your workout, the options can be somewhat limited or costly. However, a virtual fitness program can offer up thousands of different ways to keep your diet on track while partaking in your favorite virtual workout.
Cost Effectiveness: While the actual gaming console and accessories may seem like an expensive endeavor, this is nothing in comparison to the expenses related to a gym membership. Purchasing the actual gaming console, accessories and video game is mostly a one-time payment. However, a gym membership comes with monthly fees as well as additional costs for nutritional help, personal trainer or exercise classes.
Setting Your Own Pace: Another great advantage of participating in a virtual fitness routine is the ability to set your own schedule. While you might be limited in times available for classes at the gym or even just the gym hours, working out from the comfort of your own home can be great for those odd times that the mood might strike you to get your sweat on.
The Comfort of Home: Many times, gyms can become somewhat of a meat market with so many people putting emphasis on their outward appearance rather than the intention of getting fit. It can become quite exhausting and expensive trying to keep up with how you should look when going to work out, while using a virtual fitness program can allow you to wear your same old workout ensemble each time without judgment.
Motivation from Others: While it can seem nice to have a workout without having others around you, there is something to be said about the motivational value of getting outside of the house and being around others that share in the world of fitness. Having an actual personal trainer or being around others that are likeminded in staying fit can be a great way to keep on track of living a healthy lifestyle.
Too Much Screen Time: Dependence on video games in general have come under fire in recent years because many people use it as a way to stay indoors, rather than getting out and getting moving. While video games may be fine for limited use, an over-dependence on video games and time spent in front of the television can become quite harmful.
Smell the Roses: Many people understand the comfort that can come from working out indoors, but there is definitely something to be said about being out in the fresh air and around nature. Clean air circulating the body is good for your overall wellbeing and is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is something that can be missing when solely working out indoors through virtual fitness.
Not a Replacement for the Real Deal: Sometimes people can view virtual fitness as not just an addition to their regular workout, but as an actual replacement. While certain virtual fitness programs can be great for at-home use, they shouldn’t be seen as an excuse to forgo any other activities that require physical excursion. It’s important to understand that it takes more than just a video game to maintain a healthy lifestyle and sometimes using an exercise gaming system can work against you in getting active in your regular life.
For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. 1 Corinthians 6:20

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