“The Love Agenda”…it would be a great name for a mid-90′s Contemporary Christian Music band. I could see them being the opening act for “Geoff Moore and the Distance” or “Carman”. They’d probably have one or two albums, then fade into history along with “Earthsuit” and “Burlap To Cashmere”. Every once in a while someone would say, “Do you remember ‘The Love Agenda’? They were awesome! I saw them at Creation ’95!” Then everyone would recount their favorite “Love Agenda” moments. But enough reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

“The Love Agenda” also encapsulates what it means to love as a Christian. In his book Loving the Way Jesus Loves, Phil Ryken says:

This is what love does: it lets the needs of others set our agenda, rather than letting our agenda limit how much we are willing to serve…Whatever limits we decide to place on our service should not be determined by our selfish desires but by the will of God, by our other legitimate callings, and by what is truly merciful for the people who are asking for our help.

Dang. That hurts. When I’m putting my kids to bed, and I just really, really want them to go to bed without throwing a fit, and I get angry when they keep coming up with excuses not to go to bed, what is really determining my agenda for that night? Love or selfishness? When someone asks me to serve in a particular area, do I only serve if it fits my agenda or giftings? Or do I let love for God and others determine when I serve? Do I only serve those who are easy to serve and who can repay me in some way? Or do I let love lead me to serve those who are lowly and can’t give anything back?

So often I serve only when it fits into my agenda for the day, or week, or my life. I want to grow in letting the needs of others determine my serving.

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