Have you ever felt guilty for disappointing God, perhaps even to the point of arousing His wrath and anger? Do you feel like a failure and unworthy of God’s love and the love of others?

If so, Joyce Meyer has some good news for you in her latest book, God Is Not Mad at You.

Meyer’s work is written in a way that even those new to the faith can fully digest the themes of feeling disqualified from God’s love. She uses colloquial and humorous language to get her point across while not forgetting to cite Scripture to support her ideas. Her tone is comforting and encouraging and she speaks from her heart to her readers’ hearts. 

Meyer understands the reality of human nature and emotions and first appeals to readers’ feelings before gently guiding them in the direction of Scripture. She pulls real-life examples and anecdotes from her own experiences and the experiences of others to give readers comfort and hope. 

Meyer takes her readers on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery that includes confronting issues of perfectionism, legalism, “approval addiction” and rejection, and then teaches readers how to “unpack their baggage” and develop their potential.

Readers will discover how to become the person God meant for them to be and how to foster spiritual growth. Most importantly, Meyer gives readers Scriptural basis to believe: “God is not mad at you!”

You may be wondering, “But how can this be? It’s too good to be true!” But it is good and it is true. God’s mercy is freely given with no strings attached. It is His gift to us, and all we need to do is accept it with open hearts.

When we fully internalize that God’s love truly is unconditional and perfect, we will be able to free ourselves of the bondage we have created for ourselves with our incessant self-criticism and understand in our heats, not just in our minds, that God is not mad at us. Nothing we do can change His unconditional love.

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