Dating can cause many of our deep-seated fears to surface. In fact, that’s one reason we need to experience it – so we can have our unresolved issues revealed to us. Dating isn’t just a way to meet your match; it’s an opportunity to heal and grow.

Once you recognize your fears related to dating and relationship, you should not hold onto them. Instead, you must learn to hold to faith so you can let your fears go once and for all.

Fear Not

Of course, it’s not as easy as just letting go of fear. The latter is a process, not an overnight fix. As such, it takes time and patience. But exercising that patience is an act of love (the opposite of fear) and therefore aligns with faith.

Practice patience with yourself as you deal with your fears, discover their origins and heal. Shaming yourself will only worsen any anxiety you’re feeling. Here are a few tips for soothing your fears throughout this process:

  • Remember to breathe. Our most basic life force is breathing. Focusing on your breath, instead of your fears, and attempting to slow and steady your breathing will quickly bring calm to anxiety.
  • Remain mindful and in the moment. Staying in the moment, rather than focused on the past or the future, will certainly help soothe your fears. Additionally, being mindful and focused on the present allows the fears/emotions to simply pass, reminding you that the discomfort is only temporary.
  • Reach out to a professional. If necessary, contact a professional to assist with any overwhelming fears or anxiety. There is no shame in asking for help. After all, God works through counselors and therapists too.

Don’t Feed The Fears

One key factor with regard to self-soothing and holding to faith is to not feed fear. As such, it is necessary to steer clear of reading material, movies or other resources that might reiterate your anxiety. Additionally, avoid talking to people who will feed your fears, and surround yourself with those who support, soothe and encourage you.

In other words, keep the emotional and spiritual environment filled with people who feed faith, not fear.

Keep The Faith

Fear, in essence, is of the darkness; it’s a tool used to keep us from evolving, awakening our gifts and loving openly. However, faith is of the light. It is, essentially, love.

As such, faith involves loving ourselves and others unconditionally and openly. It isn’t to say that, in faith, we do not hold others accountable, but that we continue to love and accept and harbor no resentment, ill will or hate.

If resentment is present, heal it and replace it with compassion and forgiveness. After all, hate destroys you too, and it sabotages your opportunities to continue moving forward toward your divine destination.

Keeping faith alive allows you to remain grateful and hopeful, with an open heart, even during or after heartbreaks and disappointments. This allows your light to continue shining, even when darkness is throwing its best fear-filled punch.

Fear is something everyone experiences in varying degrees. The same is said for faith. But, to be in line with our soul mission and Christ’s teachings, we must respond to ourselves and others from a place of love – the manifestation of faith, a tool of the light in the face of fear.

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