Since I am turning 40 today, I suddenly feel the need to share unsolicited nuggets of wisdom with all my friends.  So in the jovial spirit of all the old men that I have ever secretly wished to one day become, here’s some fun (and hopefully encouraging) reading for you on my big birthday…

  1. The longer I follow Jesus, the more lovely, beautiful and faithful He becomes to me.
  2. My wife really is the best human being I have ever known.
  3. Black coffee is best.
  4. A few paragraphs in a good book right before bed is better than any sleeping pill on the market.
  5. You are more productive in a clean, organized, uncluttered environment.
  6. Little boys are built to destroy.
  7. Few things bring as much clarity as an hour spent sitting silently in the woods.
  8. Ignore professional critics.  They hate everything and everyone except themselves.
  9. Sarcasm kills intimacy and is an attempt to cover up insecurity.
  10. My father had more influence on me than everyone I’ve ever known, combined.
  11. Hard, sweaty, physical labor is a great cure for most of my worry and anxiety.
  12. You will never be successful unless you get up early.
  13. You cannot get up early if you don’t go to bed early.
  14. One hour of sleep before midnight is better than three hours of sleep after midnight.
  15. Don’t waste your time arguing with hard-headed or hard-hearted people.  Pray for them, love them, leave them to God.
  16. The book is always better than the movie…no matter what movie it is.
  17. Happiness is a sunny day, 500 acres, and a 4 wheeler.
  18. Soda, though tasty, is equivalent to the black plague or bird flu.
  19. My two boys are my best chance to really change the world.
  20. Facebook has it’s usefulness, but is largely a distracting waste of time.
  21. The best bands are U2, Zeppelin, Springsteen, Need To Breathe, GnR, Stryper, Allison Krause, Johnny Cash, Third Day, Lot Dogs, and King’s X.
  22. You can tell alot about a man by the way he shakes your hand and looks you in the eye.
  23. There is nothing more destructive than a liar, except maybe a gossip.
  24. You can never get rich fast, and if you do, you will lose it as fast as you gained it.
  25. Tithe 10%.  Invest 10%.  Give away 10%.  Live and play with the rest.
  26. Everyone is important.  Everyone matters.  Treat everyone as dearly beloved children of God.
  27. People who love drama will draw you in to their drama.  Graciously avoid being sucked into a quarrel not your own.
  28. TV will never be better than 24, Andy Griffith, Friday Night Lights, and Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.
  29. The holiest part of my day is eating a meal at the table with my family with all devices turned off.
  30. You can never be too encouraging, and I can never get too much encouragement.
  31. One trusted friend who’s got your back when you need them is better than 1,000 fans or admirers.
  32. Busyness is often a sign of my own self-worship.  I don’t have to stay busy all the time.  Work can wait.  Rest confronts my idolatry.
  33. The gospel works.  But only if it is proclaimed and only for those who actually hear it.  That’s why I preach Jesus.
  34. It costs way too much to go the the doctor, fill up your gas tank, and send your kids to college.  Start saving now.
  35. You can’t give more than God, but it sure is fun to try.
  36. Old sports injuries never go away.  They just stick around and remind you of how good you used to be.
  37. The older I get, the more I have stewardship over, and the more I must answer to God for.  The stakes are high.  Integrity is priceless.
  38. The Bible convicts me as much as it comforts me.  I need both, and am glad that God is willing to give me what I need, not just what I want.
  39. Patience, mercy, forgiveness, empathy, grace, and understanding are gospel virtues, and everyone needs them…including me.
  40. Greatest lesson so far….Listen to God and do what He says.

What do you think about my list?  Would you add any lessons from your life?

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