They that love beyond the world, cannot be separated by it -William Penn

The night I met my prince charming, I had not been on Christian Mingle for months. After so many failed attempts at meeting “the one” online, I had decided to give it a break. Then one night while lying in bed about to fall asleep, I felt like God was telling me to get up and get on Christian Mingle. I was reluctant and didn’t want to, but the feeling would not go away. I decided to only check who had viewed my profile and then log off. Mike was the last one who had sent me a smile just before I logged on. I took a look at his profile, noticed he lived across the country in Virginia and decided this would never work; I was a California girl and always would be! However, everything I read in his profile was Amazing and just what I had always looked for in a man! He was the strong godly leader, who centered his life around Christ; not to mention a hopeless romantic! I finally noticed a part that stated he hoped to be leaving Virginia in a couple months and that he felt God was calling him to California! He had been born near San Francisco and moved to VA at 2 years old, but always felt like he needed to come back. Reading that God may be taking him to CA gave me a bit of hope.


We sent little smiles back and forth for a couple days which led to instant messaging. Soon we began emailing and we continued this for 6 months! During this time we had a lot of fun getting to know each other through writing. We also sent each other very sweet poems. I had never known a man to be so consistent and dependable and I looked forward to his email every day! He was also very sweet and made me smile without discussing anything to do with a love relationship. It was a beautiful friendship, although each day I grew to like him more and more. He didn’t call me until he was on his way driving across the country to move to CA! He first ended up in Southern CA which was 8 hours away from me, but 2 weeks after found a job in San Francisco which was still over 100 miles from me, but we could finally meet!

We met on Oct. 19, 2008 when he picked me up and headed to a beautiful first date on a look out over the lake where we saw a perfect sunset, city lights and stars glowing, and also shared our first kiss. Three months later he sent me on a scavenger hunt which led me to the same spot at the lake and told me he loved me. After a year of long distance dating he moved to my city, and 6 months after that he proposed at the lake!

We were married October 16, 2010 and had a beautiful fairytale/ Disney themed wedding! Everything was gorgeous; I had my 5 best friends as my princess bridesmaids and he had his brother, 2 cousins, and 2 best friends as his groomsmen. The wedding seemed impossible during the planning, but God kept providing windows and allowed it all to come together. We were able to stay pure until marriage with God’s strength. Now we are happily married and would have never met if it weren’t for one of God’s tools that He uses to bring people together- Christian Mingle.

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