I joined ChristianMingle in 2012, but didn’t do much with my account until 2013. I dated a couple of ladies, but not much came of those dates. Then I met Leah. She messaged me in early October of 2013. She seemed to be very pleasant, witty, and a true lady of God. The only thing was that she lived in Lakeland and I lived in Orlando. I thought the distance might be a problem. However, I decided it would be nice to meet her.

The first time I asked to meet her she said she was going to be in Longboat Key and would not be able to meet me that weekend. She was a live-in caregiver for an elderly lady who had a condo in Longboat Key, and Leah would spend time with her there as well as in Lakeland. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Then, Leah suggested I come see her in Longboat Key. I really admired her willingness to be spontaneous, so I drove to Longboat Key that weekend and we had a wonderful first date! After that we saw each other almost every weekend.

We really hit it off and soon realized we were meant for each other. I proposed to her two weeks later in November of 2013, at what is now one of our favorite lakes in Lakeland. We got married on March 21, 2014. We now live in Mulberry, near Lakeland, in an apartment and are so very happy. We recently became members at a local Assemblies of God church. As of this writing, we have only known each other for a total of eight months, yet we are happily married and are planning a life together with God’s help.

I had been looking for a wife for decades and had almost given up hope in searching right before I met Leah. So, don’t give up on your search for true, lifelong love! I almost did, but God sent Leah my way, just in time; His perfect time! Our meeting on ChristianMingle and our marriage is living proof that with God, anything is possible!

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