Leadership requires a strange type of humility.

There, did you notice the tension in that sentence? Let’s try it again – leadership requires a strange type of humility.

Leadership, by definition, means that you are boldly in front of the pack leading the way; it means that you are strong enough to make the tough decisions in order to pull the team forward. Humility on the other hand, means possessing humbleness or meekness or modesty in the way you present yourself to others.

My point is leadership can become intoxicating. The power that leadership yields can actually cause you to hunger for more power – and once that process begins, that never ending power-hunger is the perfect recipe for disaster.

Matthew 4 gives us a great example of the lure of leadership. If you’ll notice, as Jesus is being tempted, Satan is leading Him to higher ground. It begins in the wilderness, then to the top of the Temple, and then on to a very high mountain. Satan knows the luring, self-gratifying power that pulls us towards leading with a badge called pride pinned to our chest.

As Satan was tempting, he was going up. After Jesus escaped the temptation, He went down into the waters of baptism. Odd, right? Satan was pointing up, God was pointing down.

Be careful that your power doesn’t leave you weak.

Lead Strong. Lead Humble.

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