Matt and I both had gone through several relationships that ended because of the same reason — not having the same belief systems. Finally, my mom suggested I join ChristianMingle — “Maybe you’ll find someone who believes the same way you do,” she told me. 

I didn’t like the idea of online dating, but when my dad (a very quiet, unassuming man) suggested it after hearing a radio ad, I gave in. I went on four dates through ChristianMingle. Each of the guys I met with represented themselves well online, were the people I thought they would be in person, and were kind, genuine men.  However, it wasn’t until the fourth date  — with Matt — that I knew I’d found something truly special.  We talked over dinner for 3.5 hours and were literally kicked out of the restaurant at closing. We each went home that night excited to talk some more on our next date.

Matt also had joined ChristianMingle at the suggestion of his mother. He’d only gone on a couple dates through it before I messaged him (yes, I was the instigator).  He had a limited subscription, but paid the money to upgrade when he saw that he had a message from me.  We’re so glad he did!

It turns out, we had similar interests on nearly every level, and by the end of that first date, we knew all the big, important stuff already.  We knew how we felt about God, children, education, life-work balance and more.  And we knew we clicked. The missing piece of our puzzles was found over ravioli and linguini at Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar.

Matt proposed under a fantastic display of fireworks in Uptown Charlotte on the 4th of July — seven months after we met.  On June 6th of this year, we were married. 

I honestly wasn’t sure I would ever find someone that I could fit with so perfectly. I never thought anyone, other than God, would ever really “get” me.  But Matt does.  And he feels the same way.  How blessed we are that God used our parents to help us overcome our pride, join ChristianMingle, and meet the person He had in mind for each of us.

We are so grateful that ChristianMingle exists, and we recommend it to all of our friends from church.

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