Kevin and I were pretty doubtful that we would ever meet the love of our lives when we first started talking in September 2010. We both met a few people online before, but nothing really ever came of it. One day I was just looking through profiles and saw this man in the mountains smiling. He was pretty cute and had a great smile so I figured why not see what he is about.

As I read his profile, I realized that he was funny and not afraid of really saying what he thought. A lot of other profiles I had read were pretty surface level and didn’t really dig in deep. Then I started reading more of his essay answers. When he talked about the Word and his favorite verse I could tell there was something more.

I decided to email him. Then I began to realize that he doesn’t live anywhere near me, he actually lives in a different country all together! I figured what the heck, it could be a good story and I’ll tease him about being from Canada. I was very surprised when he emailed me back the next day joking that it is not his problem that he lives in Canada but that I live in Colorado.

We emailed about our passions, lives, what God had done in our hearts and continues to do, but we also joked a lot. There were times that I realized that he was pretty special but I wasn’t letting my heart get ahead of God. Kevin says that he was trying to pace himself and our conversations to really make sure it wasn’t just the excitement that was causing us to move forward, but that there was really something more there.

I started to realize that I really liked this man a few months after we first emailed. We had started talking online through our webcams at this point and I started getting a little worried. I continued to pray that God would lead us in whatever form our friendship would take us. During those “freakout” times as I call them, Kevin was more than I could have imagined. He always seemed to steady me, he was patient, and really helped bring me back to reality.

The reality was that we were developing an amazing friendship and we both wanted to see it grow.

Kevin went to his parents for Christmas and we talked almost every night for those two weeks. I was on winter break from grad school and he was on vacation from work and it provided some great time to talk without all the stress. That was when I started falling in love. We started reading the Bible and praying together, sharing more of our personal thoughts and dreams, and began to really fall for each other.

God continued to guide our relationship. Eight months after we first met on ChristianMingle, Kevin made his first trip down to Colorado from Canada. Seeing him for the first time in flesh and bone was such an amazing experience. There was nervousness, doubts (which very soon faded), and great excitement. We both couldn’t believe that he was here! Kevin flew down to celebrate my graduation with my masters, to meet my family, and to just have fun together.

It was my birthday and I had just finished an amazing job interview. We ran some errands around town, getting ready for camping and headed up to the mountains. We stayed at an amazing camp ground right by the river. After eating dinner we decided to go for a walk along the river. We found some trees that had fallen over part of the river creating a bench we could sit on. We sat down and Kevin said, “Well, I did get you a birthday present” and pulled out this little box. From there I don’t really remember what he really said. I know he asked me to marry him and I said “YES!” We stayed there a little longer as I was jumping up and down laughing with excitement and then moved onto another part of the river. We found another place to sit and listen to the water and prayed together.

That was about a month ago now. I am so excited and blessed to have Kevin in my life. We know that God has ordained our relationship and every aspect of it so we trust Him to guide and lead us. We are not just dreaming of our wedding day, we are dreaming of our lives together.

So, for two skeptics who were a little cynical of online dating, we are now planning a wedding and a life together.

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