We met on ChristianMingle in the 20’s chat room in September of 2012. Samson spotted me and started “whispering” to me. It didn’t take long before we started chatting by ourselves. Soon, we were unsatisfied with that, however, so we started to skype each other. We both agreed from the beginning that because I was from Manitoba, Canada and he was from Clarkston, Washington that we wouldn’t become serious because neither of us wanted to do a long-distance relationship.

However, after only a couple months of skyping numerous times a week, Samson said he really wanted to meet me. I was hesitant at the idea of a long-distance relationship, so we both decided to pray on it. It only took a matter of maybe a few weeks before I agreed we needed to meet. So in March of 2013, Samson came to visit me for the first time. At first it was super weird, but we really hit it off and knew we wanted to invest more into each other. About two months later I visited him and we made it official that we were dating.

By the time he visited me next, we had already fallen in love and knew that this was the real deal, and he asked my parents for their blessing to marry me. Then on August 29 of 2013, when I came to visit him, he got on one knee and proposed, overlooking the Snake River at sunset with a gorgeous picnic.

After that we got right into figuring out our future and decided that I would be moving to him. And we just had our wedding under God in Canada on March 29, 2014.

We are both so thankful that God used ChristianMingle to bring us together. Even when we fought our feelings for one another because we knew the hurdles we would have to overcome, God showed us his faithfulness and confirmed every step of the way that we were meant to be. God worked out my visa perfectly and worked in every hurdle through all of the legal stuff involved with us being together.  Now we are newlyweds and it’s very surreal to think about how we began in a chat room on a dating site. God is so good and can work in any and all circumstances – even situations as complicated as a Canadian and an American falling in love. Praise God!

What helped make our experience on ChristianMingle a success was the site’s rules about behavior. I appreciated that it mattered to the ChristianMingle team that people stay appropriate and that we could report anything bad going on, on the site. It made it feel safe, and people were all together more respectful in general.

Christian Mingle team, you are so greatly appreciated!!

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